Graff House is the vision of friends, artists, and entrepreneurs. In 2012 we started stocking and selling Montana Hardcore paint, as well as printing t-shirts and stickers in our backyard workshop. Printing is an art in its own really and has so many variables. All prints are hand printed and made at The Graff House. Creating unique and limited edition shirts while supporting the independent artist.

The goal was to create an environment where young undiscovered artists as well as accomplished working ones can converge, collaborate, and get some money doing what they/we love. The Graff House is home to paint supplies, original clothing and art. As you will see a lot of the graphics we use on our clothing are influenced by graffiti or street art and by doing so we are trying create an avenue for the many very talented, but often over looked artist. The Graff House is located in Santa Cruz, California. Stay Active

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